Residential Care

Many of the members of FACCCA operate a residential care facility for children.  These facilities provide 24-hour care for their children on a 7-day a week basis.  Typically, the residential care homes are for children who are displaced and in need because of decisions of other people in their lives, not because of their decisions or fault.  Unlike the restoration homes in FACCCA, the residential care homes are structured much like an ordinary family house.  Check out the list below of the FACCCA members who operate a residential care facility.

Residential Care Members

Central Florida Children's Home

Boys and Girls, ages 5-17

Cares for children whose parents cannot provide for them due to certain circumstances in the child’s life and/or difficulties in the parents’ lives.

Edgewood logo.png

Edgewood Children's Ranch

Boys and Girls, ages 7-17

Helps children with ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD diagnosis, abuse, some drug use either with the child or in the family, behavioral/disruptive issues either at home, school or both.

Hope Children's Home

Boys and Girls, ages 0-18


Cares for children whose parents are in need of help and are unable to care for their children due to circumstances that may or may not be outside of their control.

The Journey Foundation

Boys and Girls, ages 0-18

Journey Foundation.png

A residential care home for medically fragile children and young adults.

My Father's Arrows

MFA Logo.png

Boys and Girls, ages 0-18

Cares for children who are high-risk, hard to place, sibling groups, and/or have physical or mental difficulties.

Mount Dora Children's Home

Mount Dora Logo.jpg

Boys and Girls, ages 6-18

Provides residential services for children in a loving, nurturing environment for children in need of a stable home and family that provides opportunities for each child to learn, grow, and thrive as individuals.


Rodeheaver Boys Ranch

Boys, ages 7-14

Provides a wholesome home environment with social, educational, spiritual, and vocational training for at-risk boys who, because of parental death, desertion, divorce and/or disability, have no home of their own.

The Russell Home


Children of all ages

Provides 24-hour care for children and adults who have a special need or disability, whether mental or physical.