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A Bit About Us
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The Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies (FACCCA) is the authority in the State of Florida for registration of Christian child care organizations.  FACCCA operates under the provision of Florida Statute 409.176, instituted in 1984.  This provision allows faith-based childcare providers such as residential facilities, maternity homes, and adoption agencies to elect FACCCA registration as an alternative to state licensing.  All organizations seeking FACCCA registration must comply with the regulations set forth by Florida Statutes as well as the standards established by the board of directors of FACCCA.


In order to ensure that high standards of excellence are maintained, and more importantly that every child in our member's care is safe and secure, the FACCCA Board of Directors and administrators work closely with each member organization to provide training, advice, inspections, and support.


It is our belief and conviction that all children need the safety and security of knowing that they are loved and have a place to call home.  They cannot flourish without a sense of belonging and permanence to give them that security.  More specifically, we believe that for children who are in need of hope and healing, merely providing for the custodial care of food and shelter is insufficient.  True transformation and life-changing experience will only occur as our children begin to believe and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As they begin to experience God’s grace in their lives they will be able to extend that grace to others.  To that end, an important element in the care and nurture of all the members of FACCCA is the importance of sharing the “Gospel Message” with every child in such a way that they experience God’s love for them.


Interested in Becoming a Member of FACCCA?

Contact Us so that we can discuss options. 

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