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Adoption & Substitute
Family Homes

Adoption agencies within FACCCA are fully licensed to perform adoptions within the state of Florida.  Adoption provides pregnant mothers that cannot care for a baby with an alternative to hardship or even abortion.  These adoption agencies not only help a needy mother, but also provide the child with a family that will care and love for them.  Substitute families is FACCCA's version of foster care.  Agencies that offer substitute families place a child into the home of a loving family until a permanent place for the child can be found.  Below are the adoption and substitute family homes within FACCCA.

Adoption & Substitute Family Home Members

Abide to Love

Boys or Girls, Ages 0-17


Our Restorer Family program exists to provide a loving, safe home for children of families facing difficult circumstances. We train and license Restorer Families to serve as temporary placement homes for children from infancy to 17 years old, while we serve and disciple their parents in order to empower and restore the family unit.

Alpha Omega logo.png

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home

Pregnant or single mothers with children

Provides housing, counseling, and education for the new faces of homelessness – single mothers, their children, and senior women.

Bundle of Hope

Bundle of Hope Logo.png

Pregnant women looking to place

their baby up for adoption

Offers one-on-one counseling, social services, and referrals for the birth mother before, during and after placement.

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