Adoption & Substitute
Family Homes

Adoption agencies within FACCCA are fully licensed to perform adoptions within the state of Florida.  Adoption provides pregnant mothers that cannot care for a baby with an alternative to hardship or even abortion.  These adoption agencies not only help a needy mother, but also provide the child with a family that will care and love for them.  Substitute families is FACCCA's version of foster care.  Agencies that offer substitute families place a child into the home of a loving family until a permanent place for the child can be found.  Below are the adoption and substitute family homes within FACCCA.

Adoption & Substitute Family Home Members
Bundle of Hope Logo.png

Bundle of Hope

Pregnant women looking to place

their baby up for adoption

Offers one-on-one counseling, social services, and referrals for the birth mother before, during and after placement.

Alpha Omega logo.png

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home

Pregnant or single mothers with children

Provides housing, counseling, and education for the new faces of homelessness – single mothers, their children, and senior women.